Our Services Commitment

Crunch6’ 3-tier Quality Protection

At Crunch6, we always believe that our customers look forward to receiving good-conditioned goods. As such, we impose a strict 3-tier quality check every time our fruits come into, and leave our cold storage. We strive for zero-damaged goods upon arrival at the customer’s doorstep.

  • TIER 1 – incoming imported goods via air or sea freight are carefully unloaded and checked for consistency and zero-damage before being kept in our cold storage warehouse.
  • TIER 2 – upon any orders, our pickers carefully and delicately handle all carton boxes before our packers check each carton box. Any damages will be immediately replaced with a fresh new one before being delivered to the customer.
  • TIER 3 – upon delivery to the customer, after unloading, all carton boxes are opened, checked and verified by the customer that all goods are in good condition before signing off.

Price Protection – Low Price Commitment

Worry about the pricey premium fruits you find outside? Not at Crunch6.

Crunch6 guarantees that all our goods are amongst the lowest that you can find outside at retail stores. The reason? We get our goods from direct importers and there are no layers of the supply chain that hinder us from providing the most competitive prices to all our customers. We provide convenience at affordable and enjoyable prices.

We never stop innovating to find new ways to keep our costs down so that we can bring the best to you. Automation, digitization, internet of things – you name it, we’re working on it!

Freshness Protection – Cold Storage Transport

Our customers can rest assured that all goods delivered are in tip-top freshness. We deal in fruits and our team thrives on the effort that all fruits are received and delivered in their freshest conditions.

To do that, back at Crunch6 headquarters, we have built a 100sqm cold storage warehouse with the latest technology in multiple temperatures to ensure the optimum temperature for all fruits. We also ensure all incoming goods from our importers are of the latest/immediate available stock – not from their old storage.

From the delivery perspective, we own our own cold trucks to keep the temperatures in place before the goods arrive at our customer’s doorstep. Here’s how our trucks and crew look like =)

Buyer Protection – 1-to-1 Replacement

To top up our protection policies, we guarantee our customers a buyer protection. Have you ever experienced receiving damaged goods when purchasing online? What’s more something as delicate as fruits. Don’t fret, we have you covered!

If you receive your goods damaged or rotten, you will have a one-time option to replace it with a new one – AT NO EXTRA COST.