How It Works

Crunch6 is the first fruits group-buy website in Malaysia and we’re called Crunch6 because of it only takes 6 group members to ‘crunch’ the prices down to wholesale prices.

We’re different from the traditional group-buy websites because, with Crunch6, you can make your own group buy and invite other members to join your group. You don’t have to wait for the admins to open group buys for you to join or wait for hundreds of other buyers to join before you get the group buys price. And that means you can buy whenever you feel like it!

And if that doesn’t convince you to shop with us, wait till we tell you about our guarantees for you!

Quality – Our staff members will check every single carton that we sent out to ensure that every piece of fruit that you get is fresh and of top quality.

Freshness – Crunch6 is backed by one of the largest fruits importers in Malaysia with a high turnover rate and therefore, we can guarantee the freshness of the fruits that we sourced.

Price – Our direct collaboration with importers will give you the cheapest price in the market.

Buyer Protection Policy – If you find a bad fruit in your cartons upon delivery, you can choose to return the whole carton or just that one fruit and we will replace it for you.

How do you buy? It’s simple really, you can create your own group, private or public, and invite other users to join your group. The more members you get, the higher discount rate will be applied to your order. There’s no minimum buy and you can even add different choices of fruits to your order! How’s that for a great deal?

For your convenience, there’s no minimum order and no delivery charges to anywhere in the Klang Valley! There are currently two ways to buy from us – from our website or from our official mobile application (ios/android).