Shipping & Delivery

  1. How much are the shipping charges?
    There are no charges for delivery
  2. How long will it takes before I get my delivery?
    Your orders are delivered within 2-3 working days. 
  3. How can I track my delivery? 
    You can use the order tracking link when you view your order from the Orders menu. 
  4. Can I arrange the time of delivery?
    Delivery times are pre-arranged and you will be advised when the next available slot is available. You will receive a notification on your expected delivery. 
  5. What if I am not around to receive the delivery?
    You can prepare a proxy or someone to receive on your behalf – just ensure that the person receiving has your QR code. 
  6. Who is the logistics company doing the delivery?
    We at Crunch6 own our own trucks to ensure we satisfy all our customer’s needs.

Returns & refunds

  1. How can I get / request for a refund?
    Go to your WALLET > REFUND

    Step 1. Key in your requested amount. Take note that there will be a processing fee charged. If your balance is lower than the processing fee, there will be nothing to be refunded. Please make sure that your bank account information is accurate in Step 2. Simply Submit Refund Request and our backend will proceed to process your request.
  2. In what form is the refund given?
    All refunds are in the form of Promo Codes. No cash or direct debit is available. Promo Codes are automatically added to your wallet. 
  3. How long does it take for me to get my refund?
    The refund process will normally take between 1-3 weeks after we have received your request and done the necessary validation that you are the owner of the account.
  4. How do I return a damaged fruit?
    Upon receiving, our dispatchers will unbox all orders an allow you to check each and every fruit. In any case of damaged fruit(s), the dispatch will take a photo using their app to submit a report of return. You will then need to acknowledge that return on the app. The dispatch will then collect the box and you will receive a notification.
  5. How long does it take to replace the returned fruit?
    Within the next 2-3 working days.
  6. How do I track my returns?
    Your return will be stated as a new order. You can track that order the same way you track all your other orders.
  7. Can I change to other fruits for my returns?
    Unfortunately, no. We only change 1-for-1 of the same items.

Orders & Payment

  1. How does crunch6 work?
    Our displayed prices are 10-15% cheaper than the market prices because we are backed by direct importers. You have an option to purchase as a group – of up to 6 tiers (hence Crunch6) called Crunch Group. When you crunch as a group at the highest tier @ 6, your prices for all the products will be at wholesale prices! Regardless of what products your other friends buy!
  2. How do crunch group and direct buy work?
    If you’d like to have great, fresh fruits at best prices, checkout using the Crunch Group option. Any additional member in the group will bring the prices down a tier. You can have up to 6 members in a group (including yourself) and the 6-tiered pricing are wholesale prices! However, if you’d like to grab some quick fruits, use Direct Buy, so you won’t have to wait for members in the group to make your purchase.
  3. How do I invite friends to join a group buy?
    During the Group Buy process, you have the option to join or create a group. If you choose to join, you can send an invite to your friends who are also a member of Crunch6. Similarly, if you are creating a group as a Group Leader, you will be asked to invite your friends. Simply follow the easy instructions.
  4. Who can cancel the group buying deal?
    Only the Group Leader can cancel the group buying deal. Upon cancellation, the entire group deal is abandoned.
  5. Can I leave the group buying any time?
    Yes, you may leave a group before the group’s closing deadline.
  6. Can my group members see my purchases?
    Yes, your group members can see the products that you are purchasing.
  7. Where can I find my purchase history on C6?
    Go to the menu and click on ORDERS. Your order history will be listed there.
  8. How can I ‘Top-up’ my credits?
    Go to your WALLET > TOP-UP, select your amount and click on BUY. Go through the payment process and voila! You’re done!
  9. Are there any fees for topping up?
    No. There are no additional fees for topping up.
  10. What payment methods can be used to ‘Top-up’?
    You can either use your Credit Card or Bank transfer via FPX.
  11. How much can I add to my account per ‘Top-up’?
    Crunch Credit Packets start from RM15 up to RM2000. Check the TOP UP section of your wallet.
  12. Where can I view the balance that is topped up to my account?
    Go to your Wallet > Account > Balance.
  13. Can I make online payments instead of using credits?
    You can only make online payments for direct buys. Group buys must use credits in order to secure the tier pricing for all its group members.
  14. What if my credits run out when I make a purchase?
    You will be prompted by the system to make a top-up. If you do not wish to do so, you will need to opt out of that group or reduce the amount of your shopping cart.


  1. Can I set up more than 1 delivery address?
    Yes, you can. However, you can only use 1 delivery address at a time. 
  2. How do I add the different shipping address to my account? 
    Go to ADDRESS BOOK > ADD NEW > Key in your details and SAVE. All addresses will be listed in the ADDRESS BOOK > ADDRESSES. 
  3. How do I get the refund for my Crunch Credits?
    Go to your WALLET > CASH OUT. The minimum cash out amount is RM20 and there will be a RM15 administrative fee. Please ensure that you have filled in your own bank accounts as we will match the account name with your name. Upon submitting the cashout request, we will take up to 3 weeks to directly bank in the amount to your account. If you have any enquiries, kindly contact our customer service at +6012 7676988 or email info@crunch6.com.

Vouchers & Promotions

  1. How do I apply promotion codes?
    During checkout and payment, you will be prompted to key in a Promo Code to enjoy further details.  Alternatively, you can pre-add your Promo Codes (in case you forget them!). Go to WALLET > PROMOTION tab > ADD. Simply enter the code and APPLY.