About us

Hello there! We’re Roy & Kelly from Crunch6!

Have you ever wandered into a supermarket looking for fruits only to be disappointed with a selection of bruised fruits? And they’re not even marked down!

We hear your heartache and we now have a solution for all the fruit-lovers out there. Crunch6 is here to save the day! We’re all about sourcing fresh fruits at wholesale prices for absolutely everyone.

Crunch6 is the ingenious collaboration between Roy Tan, an IT entrepreneur, and Kelly Chang, a certified nutritionist who is also a brand and marketing expert. Between Roy’s IT skills and Kelly’s branding expertise, both of them decided to do something about the expensive prices of imported fruits in our supermarkets and so, Crunch6 was born so that they can share their fondness for economical imported fruits with the rest of their fellow Malaysians.

The first fruits group-buy website in Malaysia, we’re called Crunch6 because it only takes 6 group members to ‘crunch’ the prices down to wholesale prices! So, rally up your friends and family members, and jumpstart your own fruits group-buying experience with us!